Supporting SMS Marketing with Facebook
01.03.2013 11:12


Synergy is when two efforts or effects combine to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. In marketing, this happens most often when you use multiple channels to deliver the same message. Done right, it can create a feedback loop of publicity far greater than what two media modes would have accomplished individually.

Facebook (Social Media Marketing) and SMS Marketing are two modes born to create this kind of synergy, since they serve similar audiences and thrive with the same kind of short-form message. Keep a few things in mind to maximize the benefits for both your campaigns. 

Don’t rebroadcast the same message on both channels. This mistake will lead subscribers to believe they only need to subscribe to one channel. Instead, put unique content on both.

Do tease content between channels. For example, you can put a promotional video on your Facebook feed, and then send an SMS broadcast with a link. Be sure to go both directions, so you harvest subscribers from both bases. 

Don’t only broadcast advertising. This might be tempting since you’re putting out more effort on both fronts, but customers are more likely to unsubscribe from advertising-only channels. Make sure you include funny, informative and topical posts along with your shameless self-promotion. Otherwise, those who follow you on both channels with get bored twice as fast. 

Do hold cross-platform contests. Send an SMS coupon to people who participate in a Facebook contest, or hold a text message poll to decide on a detail of your Facebook page design. The more involvement you get between both forms, the better. 

Don’t stop at just the two modes. Include a link to your Facebook page and your SMS call to action on your website, in your print advertising, and on all of your takeaway collateral. The problem with focusing on Facebook and SMS is that the communities are aware of each other. Reaching out to more traditional media will bring in even more fresh faces. 

Do check your Facebook and web presence on mobile devices before you go live with anything. Linking from an SMS broadcast means people will look at your Facebook posts on a phone. They need to like what they see. 

Readers, do you have any experience here as a marketer or as a consumer? Tell us about it in the comments below. What’s the worst, or the best, thing you’ve seen along these lines?


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