Los Angeles-based University Professor Uses Trumpia to Foster Thriving Educational Environments
19.03.2013 14:21

Professor Jon Beaupré of California State University Los Angeles Mobilizes Student Participation in Interactive Open Forums with Trumpia's Text-to-Screen Feature

Los Angeles, CA -- February 20, 2013

Cal State LA Professor, Jon Beaupré, utilizes Trumpia's text-to-screen feature to engage students, spark more interest with course topics, and encourage participation during live panel discussions.

Beaupré, a seasoned professional in broadcast journalism and long-time professor of CSULA, believed there was a shortage in educational tools that allowed for a more dynamic learning environment. He saw Trumpia as a solution that would not only appeal to students, but as one that would help open up classroom dialogue.

For his TV Film course, Intro to Broadcasting, Beaupré invites local TV, film, media, and broadcast professionals from the Los Angeles area to participate as a panel of speakers. His students are able to text open-ended interview questions with their mobile phones to a large projector screen and the panel, in turn, answers aloud. This encourages even the most timid students to partake in an interactive, social activity and voice their thoughts publicly.

Beaupré is able to track responses by using Trumpia's platform to export messages, and rewards credits to all participants. Beaupré's unconventional teaching methods are well-received by his students, and they embrace the technological style of the class. Beaupré says that he has never been a fan of traditional lecturing, and tools like text-to-screen have revived his love for teaching again.

"I understand that students are going to be texting in class regardless of classroom regulations, so I want to be able to turn that distraction into something productive," said Beaupré. "More importantly, I'm seeing that Trumpia's mobile features, like text-to-screen, are effective, affordable tools that urge students to join the classroom conversation."

"This is a terrific example of how versatile our multi-channel messaging solution really is," said Ken Rhie, CEO of Trumpia. "I commend Professor Beaupré for exploring the educational applications within classroom contexts."

About Professor Jon Beaupré

Jon Beaupré is a voice and performance consultant for radio and television performers, and teaches in the TV Film and Media Studies Department at Cal State L.A. Beaupré, a radio producer and reporter and frequent contributor to local and internationally-syndicated programming from his home in Los Angeles, also conducts workshops and seminars with the Associated Press Radio and Television Association. He has been a fixture on the convention circuit, teaching workshops at a wide range of specialty journalism and broadcast conventions and stations on both coasts of the United States.

About Trumpia

Trumpia is the leading web-based multi-channel marketing platform, committed to helping businesses grow and stay well-connected with their customer base. Trumpia integrates mobile text, email, social media, voice broadcast, and instant message to give businesses and organizations greater reach, greater responses, and greater results.

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