5 Must Haves for Advertising Your SMS Campaign
13.02.2013 10:38


When advertising an SMS campaign, there are a few specifics that must be included within the advertisement. Both the mobile phone carriers and theMobile Marketing Association’s U.S. Consumer Best Practices mandate these requirements.

a) Description of the program. It’s required that you state specifically what the subscriber is subscribing to. (i.e. To receive weekly discounts and special)

b) “Msg&Data rates may apply”. This exact phrase is required below the call to action within the advertisement.

c) Provide a resource for help. A resource such as a website or phone number where subscribers can reference all terms and conditions must be included in the advertisement. This can be replaced with “T&C, text HELP” if you wish.

d) Opt-Out instructions. Instructions on opting-out of the SMS campaign must be included in the advertisement. (i.e. Opt-out, text STOP)

e) Frequency of SMS campaign. Its required that you make it clear to a subscriber how man


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