Top 10 tips for BlackBerry 10 e-mail
14.02.2013 11:39


Though we've already rounded up a lot of tips for the BlackBerry 10 Hub, and e-mail is technically a part of it, there are a lot of nuances about setting up and using e-mail on the BlackBerry Z10 that are good to know. 

E-mail is very much at the heart and soul of BlackBerry, so let us help you get the most out of that experience. Dig into our Top Ten BlackBerry 10 e-mail tips below!



Follow these ten tips to get up to speed with email on BlackBerry 10. And if you'd rather watch than read, be sure to hit up the video above.  

1. To switch between threaded and individual messages, tap the overflow menu button in the bottom-right, go to Settings, and tap Display and Actions. By default it's set to individual messages - we recommend switching to threaded.

2. To attach a file to an e-mail, format a post and set the priority of the email, you have to hide the keyboard within an e-mail. 

3. Change which account e-mails are sent from by tapping the e-mail address drop-down bar at the top of the compose e-mail window.

4. To add BCC recipients, tap the overflow menu button in the bottom-right.

5. Tap the title bar at the top of an inbox to look into specific folders in each account.

6. New Gmail accounts default to IMAP, which has a slower sync cycle; be sure to tap into the Advanced settings to enable Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync when initially setting up. Keep in mind that Google has dropped ActiveSync support for many, but continues to support others - your mileage may vary. 

7. Be sure to enable Download Images Automatically under Display and Actions settings. It's off by default, but with LTE and great rendering, you'll likely want to have it on.

8. Enable or disable synchronization of contacts, calendar, tasks, and memos associated with an e-mail account by diving into Settings, Email accounts, picking an account, tapping Edit Account at the bottom, then flipping the switches at the bottom. You can also turn on or off syncing for specific folders from here.

9. Remember: unlike old BlackBerry devices, you can actually edit quoted e-mails in-line. Hooray!

10. Long press a date and select the option from the contextual menu to mark prior messages opened.


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